Alex Daniel, DMD

Background and Credentials


Bachelors in Dental Surgery
Christian Dental College, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 2007-2012

After finishing high school I went abroad to India for my Bachelors in Dental Surgery degree at Christian Dental College 2007-2012. In addition to developing my dental skills in various f1elds, it was here that my eyes were opened to the needs of the underserved populations. I saw so many people who were living in areas like the slums and who were lacking access to even the basic routine dental/medical services. I am very grateful for this opportunity, as it opened my eyes tremendously to the needs of the impoverished. This, in turn, led me to pursue my Masters in Public Health after returning to the U.S. Additionally, It was also here that I met Punika, my now wife.

Masters in Public Health with Certificates in Epidemiology and Health Education and Promotion
Benedictine University (Accelerated Course) 2016-2017

After returning to the Chicago area, I realized that even here there were people who were having difficulties in accessing and receiving dental/medical services. A part of me longed to be able to play a role in helping my community. This led me to pursue my Master's in Public Health, where, by God's Grace, I was enrolled in an accelerated program and able to finish the 2 year course in 1 year. My time here provided me the opportunity to educate and raise awareness of dental disease/issues and more importantly, how to prevent these issues from arising. During this time, I was also working as a dental assistant and was able to expand my skillset, while working alongside brilliant doctors in the field.

Doctor of Dental Medicine (International Advanced Placement Program)
Southern Illinois University 2017-2019

After finishing at Benedictine, I enrolled at SIU to pursue my Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree, being in the International Advanced Placement Program. This program allowed me to handle more complex cases than the traditional students, including full mouth rehabilitation cases, while focusing on preventing the start of disease. I've found that for many people, a big part of their self confidence comes from their smile. I am very grateful that I have the ability to alleviate my patients' pain and to help them feel better about their smiles. Smiling is contagious! I love being able to help spread smiles every day for a happier community!

Hobbies: Spending time with the wife and family, staying active at the gym, yoga, superheroes, food and of course playing and enjoying down time with the family dog, Roxas.